Dedicated to one souls obsessive study of art & man.

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Wild life art an obsession that started back in the late 80's I had just started developing a sense  of reality through my last obsessive study that started in the early 80's that was drawing . For some reason I had a strong desire to recreate a subject in its exacts so to speak . One fine day in the fall it was suggested to me to take a trip to Easton M.D. for the water fowl festival and wean I saw what people could do with a 2x4 man I was hooked . (Easton Water Foul festival mid November worth seeing ) By the time I returned home I broke out the kitchen knives and started to carve about 6 months 3 or 4 pieces of wood 173 band aids later I started to  grasp the concept of carve the wood and not cut your self . Many of the photos are of pieces  from the back half of the learning curve to see the the front half see the evolution of a duck see my first ducks. Next page.